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Women with diabetes should advance to prepare for pregnancy. 3-4 months before the alleged conception need to visit an endocrinologist. The purpose of visiting the doctor is in the selection of a dose of antidiabetic drugs that can maintain blood sugar at an optimal level. The main thing is to avoid sudden surges of blood glucose. This approach to planning pregnancy greatly increase the chances of having a healthy baby.
Once conception has occurred, a woman needs as soon as possible to register. Up to 12 weeks of pregnancy is necessary to form the endocrinology department of a hospital. According to the survey, doctors will be able to conclude whether it is possible to continue the pregnancy or if the risks are too high, it must be interrupted. In addition, all pregnant necessarily translate to insulin. This rule applies even to those who have not used it before pregnancy. Choose the optimal dose of insulin is best in a hospital. Expectant mothers with diabetes fasting glucose should be 3,3-4,4 mmol / l and 2 hours after a meal - not more than 6.7 mmol / l. This is the best value to be pursued.
At 21-23 weeks of pregnancy women are offered re-hospitalization. It was the second half of pregnancy, the baby is very sensitive to high levels of glucose in the mother's blood. In the hospital experts select a new dose of insulin based on changing needs. Also held vitamin and control of the child.
After 32 weeks of pregnancy, a woman admitted to maternity hospital up to the birth. This period is extremely dangerous for the baby. After 30 weeks of a high probability of complications, primarily of preeclampsia. It is manifested by increased pressure, edema, the appearance of protein in the urine, and even convulsions. The child requires close monitoring, with a deterioration in his health held early delivery. When prosperous during pregnancy give birth to recommend vaginally.
Throughout pregnancy, women should strictly follow a diet and monitor weight gain. You can not overeat. The daily calorie intake should be 1600-2000 kcal. The food must contain sufficient amounts of vitamins (B, C, A, E, D), and coarse mineral fibers.
Due to an increased risk of a variety of abnormalities in the fetus, should undergo regular ultrasound and CTG child. Compliance with all medical recommendations and responsible approach to nurturing your baby greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome of pregnancy.
Gestational diabetes - diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and after childbirth passes. In order not to miss this complication should periodically be tested for the concentration of glucose in the blood. Treatment approaches like.
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