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The main reason for non-ideal wardrobe is the poor compatibility of things together. Every woman has things that she never wore. They are good in themselves, but combine them with something very difficult. So before you buy another unusual dress or a skirt, just imagine what you'll combine them. If you do not remember such a thing in your wardrobe, you can postpone the purchase and look through fashion magazines. If you find a couple of things desired, then feel free to go back to the store.
Another important problem is the monotony of clothes, when all things are equal. Of course, a good idea, if you have three green blouse, five red pants and a dozen one style of jeans, but a beautiful image of them will be unlikely to succeed. Make an inventory of the contents of their lockers. This will help you quickly navigate the store and do not be tempted to buy another the same type of thing.
Items bought on the advice or purchased over the Internet, and is rarely pleased with his mistress. When buying clothes is focusing not only on their physical characteristics or how the thing you sit. Pay attention also to the color scheme, whether it suits your skin tone, eyes, hair. It is important and mood stuff if you feel that it is "not your" do not listen to anyone's advice and do not make unnecessary purchases.
Pay attention to the quality of things. Clothing poor quality will never look perfect. Poor-quality fabric will not hold the shape, lose color, bad joints apart and pulled in the wrong places. If you do not need a closet full of things that do not want to wear, then carefully consider clothing before committing to purchase.
Little things, like wrong size or inconvenience to wear, also send items of clothing in a long link to the far shelf cabinet. Do not take that "for growth", do not think that in a month you will throw five kilograms, and it will fit you. That can not happen, and unnecessary purchases is here to stay.
You are unlikely to be useful evening dress, if you do not attend parties, or three bathing suit if you do not know how to swim. Remember that it is much more important is to wear every day, and outfits for special occasions secondary.
The latter category - this is perhaps the most beautiful and most favorite things, but rarely worn because they require special care. For example, soft silk blouse, which need a long iron or lace dress, also requires careful preparation. Time is not always enough, so there seemed to wear, and the ability to put it - no. To solve this problem, to think your way in advance and advance to prepare clothes to the publication.
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