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In the most general form of the Pareto principle is formulated as follows: "20% of your efforts lead to a 80% beneficial result, and the remaining 80% of the effort gives only 20% of the results." The practical implication of this law suggests that a minimum of properly selecting the most important actions you are able to get the bulk of the final result. According to calculations by Pareto, any further improvement in activity over and above the minimum applied effort will be ineffective.

80/20 underlying Pareto principle, of course, should not be regarded as mathematically precise, it gives only a landmark. These figures reflect only partial results of research Pareto on the allocation of funds in Italian households. In other datasets, the ratio may be somewhat different from the standard. Pareto recommended in the analysis of each individual to conduct a special analysis of the distribution between performance and spent resources to achieve them.

Accounting for the Pareto principle in everyday life and business can significantly facilitate the solution of problems faced by man. If we consider that each of the dozens of daily activities, only two give the lion's share of success, it makes sense to define them precisely and leave as a priority. For a businessman, for example, it is important to know that only 20% of clients will ensure they receive 80% of profits. Analysis of the structure of the monthly income will identify the market segment which just gives the best results.

Following the Pareto principle, you can try to improve the performance of their lives without getting bogged down in the everyday affairs of inefficient. It is most of the time modern man spends his telephone conversations, but only a fifth of them are really important. Revising its previous approach to communication, it is possible to significantly reduce the time spent on those people who volunteered to communicate with only the usual necessity.

The 80/20 Principle suggests that often people do not live full spending power and its potential in vain. Consolation is only that bred Italian economist law applies to all, including politicians, writers, inventors and even the great Olympic champions.

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