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For the method of sterilization of male vasectomy, which is based on the removal or ligation of the vas deferens so that sperm can not get out of the seed channel. This procedure allows you to maintain an erection and sexual desire. Most often used as a means of vasectomy radical contraception. The operation used by men who want to give up fertility. At the same balls retain their function, but not the sperm derived from the vas deferens.
Sterilization in women often have medical indications. This operation is called a hysterectomy and is used in the presence of a malignant tumor of the ovaries, uterus and its neck. Sometimes the procedure is performed in advanced forms of endometriosis and fibroids. In the process of the hysterectomy surgically removed diseased organ and the surrounding tissue (if necessary). Sterilization is used for complex operations sex change. After removal of the body is achieved by the cessation of menstruation, but can still be sexually active.
Castration is used in both animals and humans. During the procedure, the testicles are removed or inserted a chemical that reduces sexual activity and sexual desire. Unlike surgical method using the procedure of medical devices is reversible, so many scientists are not seen as a way to continue the deprivation of offspring. Cases castration of people most likely to occur in developing countries. Developed countries as an alternative method often used vasectomy.
Forced sterilization is used as a punishment for the crimes committed in both men and women. Carrying out the procedure as a punitive measure is prohibited by law in most countries. However, this method of treatment is sometimes practiced as a means of treatment of mental disorders, and a method of correcting the behavior of the criminals who have committed violent offenses.
Sterilization of animals used for the care of their health and correction of household behavior. Vasectomy or castration of stray dogs is used as a government program to control the growth of the population and prevent the spread of animal-transmitted diseases.
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