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You will need
  • - Tools with a broad flat surface, and screwdriver;
  • - Rubber mat or soft tissue;
  • - Hair dryer.
Apple Ipad Place on a flat surface. This may be a rubber mat or soft cloth. Use a tool with a wide flat surface, insert it between the upper left edge of the front and rear panels.
Pry tool glass and gently pull it up. Insert something into the resulting gap in order to prevent it closed again.
Move the tool along the flat surface of the glass and carefully open all the locks. Lift the front panel and set it aside, but do not remove far as it is connected to train with the rest of the device.
Disconnect all the sensors connected to the circuit. You will need to disable the digitizer, a light sensor, and wires to transmit data from the display. Again, use a flat tool to pry the connectors of all the sensors. Then gently pull out the plug from its socket. With a flat tool pull the unit light sensor out of the nest. Remove the wire for display data from the main board. Pull the black plastic tab to disconnect the wire from the socket.
Lift the front cover and gently turn it over. Pry the light sensor and pull it out of the glue, which he fortified. Then gently peel back the tape which holds the frame at the screen digitizer.
Remove the three Phillips screws that hold the latch and mount the display on the site. To do this, use a small Phillips screwdriver. Remove the tape and fixing the screen. Then remove the remaining Phillips-head screws from the frame of the screen.
Remove the LCD screen from the frame. Use a flat tool to clear the display of the glue that holds it to the frame. If you are afraid to break it due to excessive pressure when removed, you can leave the screen in place and proceed to the next step.
Remove and transfer electromagnetic tape from the top edge of the front glass panel glass panel to a new IPad. Remove the two Phillips screws that hold the button "Home".
Use a hair dryer to soften the adhesive that secures the plastic frame on the front of the glass panel, and remove it. Next, heat and remove the plastic frame around the wire digitizer with front glass panel.
Install the new glass panel IPad and collect your gadget. It is important not to press and do not use force to plastic parts during the assembly process.
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