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You will need
  • 1. Self.
  • 2. Punch.
  • 3. Fixing the plate.
  • 4. Polyurethane foam.
  • 5. Level
Installation of windows in several stages. The first stage may be called preparatory. It is the dismantling of the old windows.
IGU carefully removed from their frames. It can not be put on an uneven surface, better pre-cover the floor with newspapers. It is best to remove the glazed frames together, because it weighs so little. The frame is attached to the opening by means of fixing plates. The distance between them should not exceed 40 cm. From this index is calculated and the required number of plates that are secured with screws. Optimal use screws with a drill length of 30 mm, but used for these purposes can not nails.
Direct installation of the frame, it is desirable to carry out three. Two men holding frame, and the third level is measured with a vertical deviation. After the first fixture is screwed in, the need for holding the frame is eliminated.
The gap between the opening and the frame should be carefully fill in the foam, which serves as insulation and fasteners. It is advisable to use in this special gun, but you can do without it. It is important to establish a double-glazed window before the foam is completely dry. Double glazing is installed with closed doors.
The next day, after the installation of glass, when the foam has dried, it must be thoroughly isolated from negative atmospheric influences. As an insulator may make plaster or paint - the main thing that the foam did not interact with sunlight, because they destroy it.
Installation box independently, usually it does not take more than two hours, when the window opening is fairly simple.
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