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Buy products made in accordance with GOST (State standard), and not by the TU (technical information). On the products of some manufacturers can see inscriptions such as "in accordance with GOST" or "Made for guests", but it's the usual marketing ploy, which try to file a profitable product of questionable quality. Guests must be at the correct number. The adopted state standards can be easily found on the Internet. Here are some examples: GOST 16131-86 - smoked sausages, GOST 12028-86 - canned fish. Sardines in oil, GOST 6687.7-88 - soft drinks and kvass.
Always pay attention to the shelf life of the product. Supermarkets are very reluctant to do something, to write off items that have expired, so use all sorts of tricks, to the extent that the glue labels with dates. Try less likely to buy foods that are packaged in the store.
Look at the name of the product. It should always be original, no "Smetanok" or "Sguschenochek." In the production of products with similar names are often used harmful vegetable fats and milk powder.
Try not to buy products of the action. Most stores suit different days of discounts and sales when they want to quickly sell defective or stale goods. Of course, so it is not always, but still better themselves once again to protect against unpleasant surprises.
Packaging of goods should be smooth, without cracks and dents. Broken packaging of perishable products and makes no corresponding expiration date printed on the product.
Check chilled fresh meat can be a very simple way: just click on it with your finger. If the meat immediately regained his form, it means that it has been lying in the window for a long time and lost a lot of moisture.
I never believe what is written on the packaging. Such alluring inscriptions as: "Environmentally friendly product", "Approved by pediatricians," or "natural ingredients" simply mislead consumers. No expertise on the "naturalness" of the product in Russia is not officially take place, and such a statement can write any manufacturer. By the way, the Institute of Medical Sciences, too, does not write recommendations foods and did not approve.
Be sure to look at the composition of the product. The first write something in the composition of most. If this meat stew, the first ingredient in the product must necessarily be meat, but not vegetable fat or lard.
About supplements under the letter "E" written and said a lot. Harmful them. These are various sweetening agents, flavoring agents, flavor enhancers and colorants. Try to choose a product, where the amount of chemical additives to a minimum.
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