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Bread Diet, created by Israeli scientists Olga Raz, as the name implies, is based on bread. In rolls and baguettes, of course, but on the grain product. According to this power supply system, a day can eat up to 12 pieces a day, men even more - up to 16 pieces. All the daily ration is divided into four or five meals (each, respectively, accounting for 2-3 slices of bread).

It is important to note that we are talking about grain bread: it contains half the calories than white bread. In addition, carbohydrates, included in it, does not affect blood sugar, give a feeling of satiety for a long time and do not slow down the bowels. Quite the contrary - fiber found in grains, stimulates digestion and promotes the body's natural cleansing.

And discuss some rules for selection of bread for the diet. First, do not trust the bread and muesli and all the familiar bread with - they are high in calories. Secondly, for the same reason it is left on the shelf of articles in which the composition specified "flour", "sugar", "corn syrup". If the taste of grain loaves you do not like, you can try the diet on white bread. However, the daily intake of muffins halved - up to six pieces per day.

"And that should be eaten only bread all day?" - Horrified you. No, no, the product is supposed to take the form of any savory sandwiches and low-fat additives. Thus, the bread can be added:
- skim cheese,
- Ketchup and mustard,
- Eggplant caviar,
- Any vegetables (allowed to prepare them to salad) and fresh herbs,
- Fish,
- Lean meat poultry without skin.

From time to time you can pamper yourself not too bold a piece of cheese. Improve the taste of "sandwiches" can help you any seasoning.

Sweet Tooth for breakfast can afford a piece of bread with jam (sugar should be as small as possible!). Needless to say, smoked ham, sausage, meatballs - strictly forbidden! Separate discussion deserve the fruit. Since this is a source of natural sugar and grain diet based on foods with a low glycemic index, the creators of the system power supply is recommended to eat a day not more than three fruits, and use them as a snack between meals. From canned fruits and juices to the diet is abandoned altogether.

It is also important to note about moderation: no need to put on a piece of bread, fish or chicken breast whole. Savor eating every morsel - then your body will easily part with the excess weight and inches.

This system is designed supply about 1300-1800 calories a day, then, it helps to lose weight pretty quickly. Thus, to sit on the grain diet can be no more than 10 days. Have a diet of bread and the second option, the softer and longer: according to him, the bread is sometimes allowed to be replaced by pasta from wheat flour, brown rice, legumes.
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