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What helps make the gradient in Photoshop?

To make the gradient of the desired direction, press the appropriate button on the toolbar. At the top of the window there is a menu bar, through which you can:

  • select the required installation tool used, downloaded, or change the image and save the tool options;

  • choose Gradient palette;

  • set the configuration tool used - linear, diamond-shaped, radial, mirror, conical;

  • customize your gradient - from dissolution until the glow of soft light to hard mix;

  • fix the level of transparency create effects.

How to start making a gradient?

Working with gradient pleasure. First, customize your tool settings via the menu bar. Then draw his arm strip indicating the location of the main part of the future of the color transition. When push the left mouse button on the sheet there is a riot of colors, which is required to form.

How to make the gradient component?

If you wish to make it easy gradient complex type, consisting of several components. To do this, we use special boxes that are created by simply pointing the cursor and clicking the mouse at the desired location. These extras are available to move to any place, but we should remember that their movement affects the smooth gradient.

Types gradients

There are several types of gradients, each of which has its own specific configuration. In particular:

  • The linear gradient begins at the point, which is celebrated on the first and ends on the site where it stops the movement of the cursor and pressing the mouse button.

  • Radial gradient has a spherical shape, thanks to which the color transition begins in the center of the sphere and the odds spiraling.

  • Tapered gradient color resembles a cone, which forms the starting point of the top of the figure, and the transition diverges outwards.

  • The mirror is an upgrade of a linear gradient option, which is a reflection of a certain color transitions.

  • Diamond gradient is considered the most complicated in structure, but at the same time the most beautiful.

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