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In contrast to Russia, England celebrates the holiday on December 25th. Just like us, put tree. It should be small in size and the main stand in the room. The house is often decorated with holly, from which according to legend was made by the crown of Jesus Christ. Above the entrance to the room hung a wreath omelovy under which made kissing. As a treat Brits prefer to holiday turkey. The next day the celebration continues. Now guests have to come friends and relatives to exchange gifts. You must also congratulate all workers, for example, a postman and a scavenger.

Holidays celebrated in the UK, always full of devotion. Thus, the April Easter is celebrated everywhere. As in Russia, in England decided to dye eggs. In addition, everyone in this day should visit the church, even if the whole year before Easter, and he did not think to do it. Festival continues the next day, call "the memorial on Monday."
Queen's Birthday

This holiday in Russia can not be. But all the British April 21 honoring Elizabeth stormy feast. Everywhere thundering fireworks, and the streets turn into a ceremonial procession. This British holiday is considered one of the most important of the year.
1st of May

Of course, this day has nothing to do with workers' holiday. For the English, it is a celebration of spring. British 1 May to leave the city, where sporting events are held. At the end of the day among young girls choose the May queen. Her winning becomes a wreath of spring flowers.
Guy Fawkes Day

This day is associated with the "Gunpowder Plot" occurred 400 back against the Royals. Guy Fawkes was to blow up the king's carriage, but at the last moment caught. This salvation is celebrated in modern England, November 5th through the burning of Fox, followed by a night of fireworks.
Day poppies

This holiday, which is celebrated in the UK, can be compared to our May 9th. Only here the celebration is held in November and commemorate those who died in the two world. The name of the day was due to the frequent deaths of soldiers in the poppy fields. Everywhere people visit the memorial ceremony.
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