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Their name - Legion

Green aphids on apple and pear, black aphids on cherries on a plum aphid pollination gives to 10-14 generations per season. By mid-July, they can form numerous colonies on the leaves and young shoots of the respective cultures. When mass outbreaks dense colonies of aphids completely cover the underside of the leaves. The edges of the leaves are folded down, the leaves and shoots are suspended in growth.

Protective measures recommended in the population of more than 15% of the leaves.

For the treatment of apples and pears can be used decis, kinmiks, Tanrek, Biotlin, fufanon. In stone fruit can be used only fufanon and its analogs (malathion, kemifos) and kinmiks.

Pear sucker

In summer, the pest continued to feast on a pear. In Moscow it is developing in three generations, so the middle of summer on the shoots, the leaves, in the axils of leaves, petioles appear colonies sucker larvae, which feed on hard by sucking juices. Populated leaves and fruits can not develop normally. In the process of life larvae cover their "land" lots of sticky sugary secretions, and in this "syrup" settle sooty mushrooms, cover solid black bloom leaves, branches and fruits. With strong damaged fruits lose their presentation, their taste deteriorates.

If you find more than 5% occupied leaves and shoots is necessary to use chemicals

To protect against sucker can be used decis or fufanon.

The enemy under cover

The larvae of apple and plum plodozhorok, nestled inside their "edible houses" - the fruit, usually continue to harm the crops before the end of the summer.

Codling moth caterpillars leave the fallen fruit during the day, plum - for two days. This fact keeps the main way to deal with them: the regular collection and destruction of windfalls. This technique reduces the amount of damage to the fetus, as well as the number of pests in the second generation and the next year.

Apple and pear scab

If the spots on the leaves, and ovaries apple and pear fruit during growth is plentiful, but the weather is wet and cool, then continue the fight against this disease. This is especially important in the late ripening varieties.

If by mid-July (end of primary scab) number of affected fruit and leaf scab exceed 3-5%, further refinements are needed. If less - they may be waived.

Use copper oxychloride or Abig peak.

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