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The essence of the right of ownership

The property can be characterized not only as a property. In fact, this economic relationship, which is subject to legal registration. It is in this respect of the property can be spoken of as the basis of management, as the person who has obtained the right to possess anything, this becomes the master, thereby placing the burden of maintaining the things belonging to him. The state itself imposes liability on owners, suggesting that they will appreciate the Business Law entrusted to them.

Problems relating to the regulation of economic property relations in conjunction with the effectiveness of economic management, are of particular relevance. Over the years, many market reforms has been a revolution in the system of property relations that affected the reorientation of economic management. Today, therefore, the right to property means that the owner has full authority over any action against the property assigned to it, which are not contrary to existing legislation.

The property as a basis of management include the triad of powers. Firstly, it is over, that is a legitimate reason to possess property. Secondly, it is an opportunity of economic use of the property in order to extract from it the necessary properties. Thirdly, this directive, that is the legal definition of the future of the property by changing its status and identity.

Subjects of the right of management

Subjects of the right of management - a municipal and state-owned enterprises. The property, which is in possession of them, can not split the shares, shares and so on. If the property is transferred to a unitary enterprise, it ceases to be the possession of the owner. At the same time, some features of the order can be given to non-owner under the contract. The right to dispose of the subjects have the right of economic management, and limited the right of disposal has a tenant.

As can be seen, as the basis of the property management includes the presence of the relevant entities that are engaged in development of their owned property. They have the right to give him temporary use of other subjects. These orders allow to develop property relations at the economic level, making contribution to the development of individual regions and the country as a whole.
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