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All in all newborn babies are six fontanels - four side, small and large parietal fontanelle, which is the main one. It is situated between the frontal bone and temechku has mainly rhomboid shape and size from 0,5h0,5 - 3x3 cm. Although the dimensions can vary, depending on the magnitude of genetic factors or child's head. Most often, this fontanelle closes up to a year at a rate of 2.5 mm per month.
The size of fontanelle in infants also depends on the calcium - if a woman during pregnancy, use a lot of products to its content, it will be small. However, excessive amounts of calcium also can hurt a child - perhaps much of his fontanelle closes before birth, which is dangerous for the nascent fetal skull, bones and joints that have lost mobility for safe passage through the birth canal. Also fontanelle pulsing, as the brain at this point is not covered by a bone covering, but only three shells - soft, hard and arachnoid. Between them flows CSF fluid, which is a kind of shock absorber. At the wheel these shells protect the brain of a newborn baby, so with careful handling it can not hurt.
Fontanelles are raised and sunken. The first type is a completely natural phenomenon and is often in the little state of stress, as well as swelling in the baby's cry. Excessive tension of the convex fontanelle may indicate the presence of intrauterine infection, so the unnatural bulges have to visit a pediatrician, to prevent the development of disease.
Sunken fontanelle view of a newborn baby is an important signal, indicating the fact that the body is dehydrated baby. In this case, you need to carefully monitor his drinking regime and often give the baby water. In addition to lack of water on the hollowness fontanelle also be affected by factors such as vomiting, diarrhea or intense heat, which dehydrate the child and withdrawn from his body with the necessary nutrients it.
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