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How to prepare yourself for the exercises? Before we get to the very complex exercise, it is important to sit upright, straighten the neck, back and head. In this position, we are a few minutes, two or three minutes is sufficient. In this position, we try to remove the inner restraint, relax the muscles of the body to calm down.

After a busy day, or in a state of internal solutions, we do not notice how stress affects us. Externally, it can be seen when the facial muscles are tense.

Modern lifestyle contributes to the emergence of stress, and this, in turn, does not allow us to plunge into a state of harmony that is so important for a successful practice. Stress relief will help relax muscles of the face and body. Thus, we act in reverse order. By relaxing the muscles, relieves stress, and we weaken the processes taking place inside.

Here are some points should be considered before practice. At the beginning of training internally we are working to release the situation. Our life circumstances can fully seize our minds, not giving him the consciousness or the body to relax.

We try to "solve the problem" of our minds. Often spending all his mental strength to think about those aspects that do not depend on us. That is, we did everything we could, made efforts where our something depended, but he can not "let go of the situation."

Thus, we do not give our universe to do its part. Our thoughts continue to have an invisible influence on the situation, although it would be good to give the world to do something that does not depend on us. Not all of the circumstances beyond our feedback!

As long as we do not stop to think again and again to our problem, the universe can not step in and help. Some one has to deal with issues. It is therefore a good idea to forget for a while that we are concerned.

In any case, during practice we can not influence the course of events and his thoughts only interfere. And practice does not come out as successful as it could be in a harmonious state of our mind.

Our task as much as possible "emancipate the mind" from everyday worries. These are not simple, especially novice practitioners. Over time we will learn to better manage your thoughts, take control of our thoughts.

After we released the mental acumen as much as possible, it is good to stretch, yawn. Our body is usually in the morning itself that asks. How long it will take the time? As much as we will be pleased.

After that our body more relaxed, mental stress is removed and we are ready for productive employment.

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