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Despite the fact that man is essentially a body-material system, and in his life, of course, there are the instincts, the behavior of humans and animals differ fundamentally. With consciousness and speech, man behaves accordingly to create a community of people of values. His biological instincts are governed by laws that have arisen under the influence of the same human community, while the instinctive behavior of animals and is caused by a biological system of reflexes. It is no exaggeration to say that "bodily" dimension is as important to humans as spiritual. And the highest value for him is health. Schopenhauer wrote, "nine-tenths of our happiness is based on subjective ... even health benefits: the quality of the mind, the soul, temperament - with morbid condition weaken and fade ...". However, very many are examples of the triumph of the spirit over physical infirmities. And the most famous - great creativity: music terminally ill Grieg and Beethoven lost his hearing, the works of the philosopher and thinker Kant, Nietzsche seriously ill, etc. Natural data, however, are very important for people. They largely determine the possibility of intellectual development and attitudes to creative activity. Despite all of the above, the essence of man is one and indivisible. And its main quality is the freedom of the will, which allows him to choose their own destiny. Man can overcome life's circumstances that prevent the realization of his own life program. dominating the circumstances, it becomes really free. Absolute freedom, however, is not and can not be. However, the individual may feel free even in extremely straitened circumstances. This is its strength. The perennial problem of the tragedy - the search for meaning in life. Man is mortal and dying, it ceases to exist not only a biological membrane, but also the person as a whole. The value of life most clearly realized against the backdrop of death. It is human mortality can be explained by the appeal of religion, which gives hope to the souls of the righteous. Man realizes that violating the laws of morality, he would condemn himself to eternal torment. However, for the sake of earthly suffering of bliss after death diminish the value of life. The theme of death - an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the works, it helps to treat life as wiser. The value of each human life lies in its originality and uniqueness. A tragedy - in the limbs, deaths. Man looking for meaning of life, limb aware of its existence. Can he judge the infinite world of finite resources? Perhaps all human attempts to explain and change the world - is basically wrong. And to this day for a man most interesting object of study is himself. "Do not you is the truth, and in you; find yourself in yourself, subjecting themselves to themselves and possess themselves - and behold the truth. Not things that truth is not outside of you and the sea somewhere, but first of all in your own work over them. " (Fyodor Dostoevsky. Full cit. Op. T. 26).
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