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But this culture attracts not only high yields. The main advantage of amaranth - the ability to accumulate a considerable amount of well-balanced protein, which is better absorbed by the body of animals and humans than the protein of many cultures, and even cow's milk. Moreover, the plant does not diminish the dignity of the feed phase stebleniya before flowering. In cattle feed it can be used as a green feeding, grazing, silage, grass flour for cooking and as a protein concentrate from seeds.

Importantly, amaranth resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, pests and diseases. Therefore, it is grown without the use of pesticides.

Amaranth is fed to livestock and poultry. Suitable amaranth and food to the people. Striking its nutritional properties. It differs from all other cereals in that its leaves can be used as green vegetables. Tender leaves of young plants collected before flowering, are rich in protein. Of them can cook a variety of delicious salads, side dishes, appetizers, soups make filling and borscht, and marinate the stem.

Grain amaranth exquisite taste, resembling the taste of nuts. He did not interrupt wheat flour combines well with her. A meal of amaranth has excellent baking qualities. It is very rich in gluten, so baked out of it for a long time does not get stale. You can prepare pancakes, gruel that looks similar to the semolina and dietary properties, and fine flour and powder used for making beverages. Grain amaranth perfectly edible, even when roasted. They are obtained crispy, the taste is recalling cornflakes.

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