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You will need
  • - Terry sponge-mitten
  • - Cotton diaper
  • - Massage bath mat
  • - Shower Head Charcot
  • - Water thermometer
Hardening should begin in the middle or late spring (April-May). The first step should be air bath. On the morning of the day, open windows / vents / balcony, strip down to his underwear (socks should be left) and follow the easy exercises for 5-10 minutes. Charging always start from the top down: exercises for the head, shoulder, elbow, hands, etc. Do not forget to breathe. Train yourself to do similar exercises each morning.
Rubbing. After each bath or shower do not rush towel. Circular motion gently massage the body wet terry mitt soaked in cool water. Soak a cotton diaper body.
Alternate sponging with cold shower (one night-wiping, the other - a shower, the water temperature is 36 degrees). Gradually lower the water temperature by 2 degrees, until you reach 20. Twice a week, use a shower head as Charcot water massage.
Walking barefoot. Hold the massage mat in the icy water for a while to the temperature he resembled snow. End the morning exercises walking barefoot on the cold mat. When the legs get used to, you can continue to walk on the grass and rocks in the outdoors.
Pouring cold water. After a cool shower, type in a basin of water temperature of 15 degrees and in one fell swoop pour over. Rub a dry terry mitt to light redness. Soak up the body with a towel and take air baths (10-15 minutes). If you have a cottage or private house, pouring is best done on the streets.
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