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You will need
  • - A free program Resource Hacker, available for download on the page
Download the PE-module Resource Hacker. In the main menu click on the applications sequentially selecting File and Open, or press the key combination Ctrl + O on the keyboard. This displays a file open dialog. Make the transition to the directory where the target file. Highlight PE-module in the directory listing. Click "Open".
Define a list of resources that need to be pulled out. After loading the PE-file to the left of the main window Resource Hacker will display a tree structure. It is a list of all the resources module with grouping. For example, resources dialogue placed under Dialog, cursors resources - Cursor sections and Cursor Group, icons - Icon sections and Icon Group.

The nodes of the second level of the hierarchy contained in each section is a numeric or symbolic identifiers resources. Expand and highlight their sub-elements. This will be visualized by appropriate resources. Icons, cursors, bitmaps are displayed as images in the right pane of the main window of the application. For tables, rows, accelerators, version information, templates, dialogs, menus, toolbars will be built and displayed code in a format suitable for use with the compiler RCC. In addition, templates dialogues are visualized in a separate floating window.
Begin the process of conservation found in the previous step resource. Highlight the desired item in the tree structure on the left. Action Open the main application menu. Select the corresponding save operation the most suitable type.

Select "Save resource as a binary file ...", if you want to keep the resource in the form of binary data fragment that is identical to that contained in PE-module.

Select "Save resource as a * .res file ..." to obtain the file containing the compiled version of the resource allocation. This file is suitable for linking with the application or library.

Click on the item with the text of the form "Save [section name: subsection name: the name of the resource] ..." in order to get the resources in their original form. This menu item is to use the Extract tool, icons, cursors and images.
Remove resources. In a dialogue with the headline "Save resource to ...", specify the name and directory of the saved file. Click "Save".
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