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Important is personal hygiene. A pregnant woman should 1-2 times a week to take a shower every day to wipe body with a towel soaked in water at room temperature, 2 times a day to wash away the vulva with warm water and soap. Required component of personal hygiene, air and sun baths. Air taken bath at 20-22 ° C, ranging from 5-10 minutes, and gradually increasing the duration of 20-30 minutes. In the summer of useful non-durable sunbathing. Bathe in warm weather allowed, for a short time, if the pregnancy is proceeding normally.

A pregnant woman should systematically prepare the nipples of breast-feeding to the future, for the prevention of cracks and mastitis. Bras should be comfortable, made of natural fabrics, match the size and shape of the gland. Glands and nipples are washed daily with water at room temperature with soap and water and wipe with a rough towel. If the nipples are flat or inverted, in the last 2 months of pregnancy made them a massage daily after boric Vaseline lubrication nipple captured forefinger and thumb and pulled within 3-4 minutes (2-3 times).

Clothes for pregnant women should be comfortable and free. do not embarrass the chest, abdomen, do not squeeze the lower limbs. When varicose veins should wear elastic stockings hygienic or impose on the thigh and leg elastic bandage. From 7-8 months of pregnancy for preventing hyperextension of the anterior abdominal wall it is recommended to wear a special bandage. Shoes must be in size, on a wide-heeled shoes.

Operating mode in the normal course of pregnancy with a regular alternation of physical, mental work and leisure. Pregnant women can not lift weights, do sharp movements, experiencing psychological and emotional trauma. At home and at work around the need to create an atmosphere of attention, care and respect. Before going to sleep, the duration of which must be at least 8 hours, compulsory walk in the fresh air ventilation of the room, air baths.

In the first three and the last two months of pregnancy sex life is prohibited, to prevent infection, miscarriage and premature birth. It is strictly forbidden smoking and alcohol consumption, as the toxic products of tobacco smoke and ethyl alcohol pass through plantsentarny barrier and may cause irreparable harm to the fetus, until the development of deformities.
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