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Types of female contraception

Means of intrauterine contraception can be divided into two main types - a drug and non-drug agents.
The most famous intrauterine contraception - a T C-380 A and 375 Multiload Cu-.

Medications as part of its containing hormonal substances or copper, non-medication - barium sulfate. Drug-free means also called neutral or inert. The effectiveness of intrauterine contraceptive is quite high and amounts to about 91-93% of non-drug, drug - 98,3-99,8%. Most high - intrauterine contraceptive medications that produce hormones (progestogen), and they are less likely to cause adverse reactions.

In intrauterine contraception are contraindications. They are divided into the relative (i.e., can be used under certain conditions) and absolute (can not be applied at all). Absolute contraindications are such as:
- Malignant neoplasms of the uterus;
- Real or suspected pregnancy;
- Diseases of pelvic inflammatory (acute and subacute);
- Bleeding of unknown origin from the genital tract;
- Chronic inflammation of the genital organs, with frequent relapse.
In other cases, the use of funds VMC possible.

Pros and cons

Intrauterine contraception has both disadvantages and advantages of strong. Women on the forums themselves hoarse arguing about whether to apply such remedies. Opponents list drawbacks:
- Discomfort during the initial period of application (possible pain);
- Mandatory inspections of control threads each time after menstruation as possible loss "spiral";
- High risk of inflammatory changes of the pelvic organs after installation.

Women who installed Navy, noted heavy menstruation and recurrent pain, which previously was not. However, it is true spazmalgetik chosen hygiene solve this problem.

Doctors confirm that nulliparous women to use intrauterine contraception is undesirable because of the possibility of complications, the occurrence of which is possible in the installation process, "spiral", and after its removal. The installation process can cause bleeding, violation of the integrity of the uterine wall, it scares many.

The most compelling argument of opponents is the fact that all the while using the IUD is possible in rare cases, the occurrence of pregnancy, the appearance of inflammatory diseases, bleeding, pain syndrome. After removing the possible complications such as ectopic pregnancy, infertility, disease pelvic inflammatory nature.

On the other hand, this contraceptive method has several advantages, which include:
- High efficiency;
- Restoration after removing the possibility of conception in a short time;
- No need to constantly receiving oral agents (pills);
- The lack of daily continuous monitoring;
- No effect on breastfeeding.

The main leitmotif of reviews female supporters Navy - it is convenient!
Navy - the cheapest method of contraception, because the spiral is set for the long term.

Before the establishment of the woman intrauterine contraception must perform lab tests for the detection of inflammatory and infectious diseases, is a contraindication. Studies include: general analysis of blood and urine smear for purity, colposcopy, blood on RW, HIV and hepatitis, pelvic ultrasound. And only in case of good results of inserting an IUD patient carried.
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