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You will need
  • - A pocket personal computer;
  • - Software ActiveSync;
  • - Installation packages of games.
Each user has the ability to set the PDA games for your device three different formats. At the interface of games distinguish their format is not possible, but the file name, but rather in the expansion have a difference, with considerable. For example, files with the extension exe or msi set using the program ActiveSync, which runs on a standard PC. In principle, they can easily be confused, because PC and PDA the same work with these types of files, but some exe will not open on your PC.
When installing games on the PDA with Windows Mobile operating system is worth remembering that the installation should only be carried out with a PC using a special program, mentioned above. However, some games can be installed on the Pocket PC (using a cab-file). First of all, connect your device to a PC (via the ActiveSync).
On the computer, run the installation file and follow the instructions of the installer. If you want to install the game into a block of main memory, when prompted, click Yes. To select another path, click the No button and select a folder to save game files. If you are prompted for permission to install the screen of the PDA, respond positively, otherwise the installation will stop.
If the game is in the cab-file, copy it to your PDA. Run the installation package in the application File Explorer. Further installation is no different from the previous installation methods.
If the installation file has an extension of the game exe, transfer (copy) it to the PDA and run through an application File Explorer. Installing the game is similar to the previous two methods.
After installing the game can bring a shortcut on the desktop, navigate to the folder with the installed program or by going to the label games installed in the Start menu (see "Program").
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