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Firstly, ragweed dries the earth. Imagine: the root of this plant is able to penetrate deep into the soil as much as 4 meters! And the plant itself can reach human growth - 180 centimeters or more. Developing this weed naturally suppresses all other cultures that are close.
Ambrosia also able to shade the crop plants. After it closes its leaves them on the light that it is so necessary.
This supersedes the pest meadow grass, namely grasses and legumes. If weed hit the hay, the feed quality of the latter is greatly reduced.
Ambrosia spoils the taste of milk, adds to his bitterness when food, such as dairy cows fall flowering weed.
And finally, ragweed is able to cause allergies in humans. Allergists say pollen one of the most aggressive allergens that can cause even asthma. No other weeds do not have such a vast range of influence of pollen on the mucous membranes and human skin.
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