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Beeline: transfer from phone to phone using the service "Mobile transfer"

Transfer money from Beeline Beeline can use the service "Mobile transfer", which is free, is available to subscribers in Russia and roaming around the clock and every day of the week. The process of money transfer will not take much time and is carried out in two stages. To do this:

1. Send request by dialing a USSD-request * 145 * phone number to which you want to update your account * amount #, then press the call button. The recipient's number is written in the ten-digit format without leading figures 7 and 8.

2. Wait for SMS with a unique code, dial another team in the form * 145 * unique three-digit code # and press the call button. If the code is entered correctly, the phone needs to come confirm the success of the operation in the form of SMS-messages, otherwise the caller will be asked to repeat the operation.

"Mobile transfer" is free for all subscribers of Beeline, but has the following limitations:

- Minimum transfer - 10 rubles;

- The maximum limit of 1 operation - 150 rubles;

- The maximum limit per day - 300 rubles;

- The amount of which remains on the account of the sender after the transfer, shall be not less than 60 rubles;

- The minimum communication costs for SIM-card must be 150 rubles;

- A day you can send up to 5 of remittances, while the time interval between them should be at least 2 minutes;

- Maximum amount of money to the beneficiary after the transfer should be no more than 3,000 rubles.

Disable this service, you can use USSD-command * 110 * 171 #. After that the service "Mobile transfer" will not work and again to be able to transfer money from Beeline Beeline will need to call to number 0611 and activate the service.

Transferring money from Beeline Beeline via the Internet

For quick and reliable transfer of funds between the Beeline subscribers can also use the service site To do this:

1. Go to the website link;

2. In the tab "Payment" click "Pay with a phone bills";

3. On the next page, from the list select "Mobile communications - Beeline", resulting in a table appears;

4. Fill in the main details of the table, indicating the number in the appropriate fields of the sender and the recipient, the amount of payment and enter the unique code;

5. Put a note on compliance with the terms of service and click on "Pay".

To transfer money from Beeline Beeline via the website, you must first understand the following operating conditions and limitations:

- Booking fee of 3% of the amount transferred +10 rubles for each transaction;

- Minimum payment limit - 10 rubles;

- The maximum limit for a single transaction - 5,000 rubles;

- Maximum daily limit - 15,000 rubles monthly - 30,000 rubles.

- The number of payments per day - up to 10 a week - 20 per month - up to 30.

The transfer of money from number to number via "Bilayn.Dengi"

For those who want to avoid entering intensive USSD-command, there is a special service "Bilayn.Dengi" with which you can also quickly transfer money from Beeline Beeline, and is performed in the following way: to the number 7878 is sent in the following format: bee - space - the phone number of the recipient - the gap - the amount (eg, bee 9XXXXXXXXX 150).

Mandrel SMS to the number 7878 is free, but for the money transfer will have to pay a commission of 3% of the payments carried out.

As in previous cases, when using the service "Bilayn.Dengi", the following limits and restrictions:

- The maximum limit for the operation is 5,000 rubles, but not less than 10 rubles;

- The maximum allowable amount of transfer per day is 15,000 rubles, and in the last month - 30,000 rubles;

- The number of permitted transfers is 10 hours per week - to 20, in the month - 30;

- The amount of which must remain in the account of the sender after the transfer, shall not be less than 50 rubles.

Specify how to transfer money from Beeline Beeline to each subscriber will be able than perhaps provide the necessary assistance to their relatives or friends.

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