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Pharmacological properties

"Skinoren gel" normalizes the sebaceous glands, which reduces the oiliness of the skin. Effective components of the drug - azelaic acid. It has an effect on inflammation and helps to eliminate microorganisms - causative agents of acne.

"Skinoren gel" is indicated for the treatment of acne vulgaris (acne), and rosacea. For the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis and hyper-pigmentation, including melasma, applied as a cream preparation.

Instructions for use "Skinoren gel"

Before use, clean the skin cosmetic product or wash with a mild water and good wet skin with a towel. The gel should be applied to the affected area with a thin layer, gently rubbing. In some acne medication is applied dot.
For treatment of the entire surface of skin is sufficient strip length of 2.5 cm gel.

The drug should be used morning and evening. The duration of treatment depends on the clinical picture and severity of lesions. As a rule, acne improvement comes after 1 month. For maximum effect it is recommended to use the drug for several months, until the complete disappearance of symptoms.

In the treatment of hyperpigmentation, use "Skinoren cream." Apply pereparat must also 2 times a day course of 3 months. It is recommended during treatment to apply sunscreen to prevent new pigmentation.

Contraindications and side effects

"Skinoren gel" is contraindicated in the presence of individual sensitivity to its components. The drug should not be used on surfaces with open wounds. After contact with the gel into the wound, eyes or mucous membranes must be washed with water.
Pregnant and lactating women before using "Skinoren gel" is recommended to consult a doctor.

When using the drug "Skinoren" may appear side effects such as skin irritation, itching, burning, peeling. These phenomena tend to arise at the beginning of therapy and go away during treatment. Sometimes there is a feeling of slight stinging sensation, which disappears within 15 minutes after applying the ointment. Very rarely can appear in the form of allergic rashes.

At the start of therapy in the event of an expressed irritation it is proposed to use the preparation once in one day. If necessary, treatment can be interrupted for a few days. Thus, after the disappearance of drug reactions, it is necessary to renew the application twice a day.
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