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The islands can be made as the official wedding ceremony and the symbolic. Generally wedding on the islands can be arranged spontaneously - during a joint recreation. However, better-designed version of the celebration. There are some popular sites for weddings.

Mauritius Island

This exotic piece of land is located in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It attracts visitors with its waterfalls, volcanoes and unusual architecture Port Louis. On the island of Mauritius can hold the wedding ceremony in a local Indian traditions.

The Seychelles

Luxury resort with clean ocean and rich underwater world. Diving enthusiasts flock here from all over the world. On this island you can organize a wedding ceremony under the water. Wedding season in the Seychelles falls in April-July and September-October.

Rhodes Island

Greek island beckons its natural contrast. There is a bright blue sea combined with green flora and white-washed houses. Often the wedding ceremony the couple choose a small town of Lindos, the main attraction of which is considered to be the church of St. Paul.

Caribbean Islands

Among the Caribbean demand among newlyweds enjoyed it Dominican Republic. This island, sunny, decorated with blooming orchids and huge trees.

The wedding can be carried out on the white sandy beach and in the jungle gustorastuschih. This celebration is remembered for years to come. In the Dominican Republic, you can enjoy a romantic walk on the helicopter and soak up the tropical sun.

Whichever of these islands did not choose the young, they are guaranteed an unforgettable romantic experience. The ceremony promises to be so colorful and unusual, as it will allow the two lovers fantasy.

It may be a holiday on the beach, in the jungle, on a boat, in a lovely local chapel, etc. This moment may be your happiest beginning of a new life!

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