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You will need
  • It is necessary to visit the orphanage and choose a child.
On the weekend or on vacation from the orphanage to her house, you can invite the child. This is a good option. You look at it, what the nature of the baby, the behavior is developed. Mentally prepare for adoption.
Visiting the child sees life outside the orphanage. Find out what family, not only from books and movies, he is learning to live in it. The kid comes out of the system watches can build a relationship to another without orphanage life, and he participates in them socialized. However, children may experience acute returned to the orphanage. The questions arise: why not take me forever?
Many orphanage children have a diagnosis: the delay in mental development. This also needs to be finished.
Psychologists and staff of children's homes say that the boundaries between you and your child should be installed immediately. You - the owner, he - a guest. And let him call you by name or by name and patronymic, never - "Mama".
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