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Cotton fabrics are used for sewing clothes, bedding and other products. Because they are made from natural materials - cotton, they cost more than synthetics. And the quality of their disproportionately higher. This indicator determines the practicality and popularity of products from cotton.

Features cotton fabrics

Material made of cotton, durable, wear-resistant, has good hygienic properties, is ecologically safe. The most popular fabrics - satin, velvet, cotton, taffeta, lace, denim. Cotton fibers are fine, fluffy, soft yarn twisted slightly about its axis.

For the first year of life, is not adapted to the harsh conditions of the planet caused by man-made line of development of civilization, cotton fabric is only acceptable. But in the future for sewing children's clothing is mainly used it.

Smooth cotton fibers have a porous structure, which provides optimum ventilation. Therefore clothing from this material the most comfortable. During her socks are formed electrostatics, which is characteristic of synthetics. For products made from cotton is easy to care: they will quickly wash out, do not shed, do not lose their shape.

From cotton fabrics perform tailoring for all seasons. This material is able to perfectly retain both heat and cool. Hygroscopicity cotton provides comfort during the heat: absorbing moisture, the fabric cools the body. Another advantage of this material is that it has unsurpassed softness of the fibers. This indicator is especially important for children, whose skin needs and at the same time good protection, and to provide comfort. Therefore, cotton - a leader in the industry sewing children's clothes.

Do you have cotton cons?

The main disadvantage of cotton is that it fades after repeated washings or prolonged exposure to sunlight. White fabric of this can turn yellow. When drying clothes made of cotton fabric used mode of "spin" of the washing machine, it may cause its shrinking. Therefore, drying of such products should occur naturally.

The disadvantages of cotton clothing is the fact that it is easily and quickly crushed. Ironed cotton cloth should be at a fairly high temperature, so as soon as she is able to provide the desired effect. It is recommended to use mode stripping.
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