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The spirit of competition. You can never win if you do not have a strong desire to bypass rivals, always be in first place. The spirit of the competition (if any) appears anywhere else: at work, in games with friends at school.
Right way. Select the correct direction, otherwise all efforts wasted. Strong character, an innate desire to be always the first is definitely the key to success. However, at the end of the path you can expect disappointment if the very beginning has been chosen the wrong direction.
The ability to donate. To win, focus on the ultimate goal. Of course, it will have to forget about some things. Many victims hobbies, personal life, recreation, care of loved ones.
Composure. To play and win, we must be able to cope with setbacks. Whatever the real goal you do not set ourselves have sometimes lose. In the words of actor Kirk Douglas: "If you want to achieve something, you must have the courage to failure." The ability to submit a loser - is also an important character trait.
But is it worth it? This question is desirable to ask yourself at the beginning. When you start the game and determined to win, think. You may take enormous pleasure victory, however, whether the joy of debt? Everyone defines the number of the things that he sacrifices for the sake of victory. Won first place, the main thing is not to be a loser.
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