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What is the counter and its variants

Generally the counter for the site - a special service designed to accommodate visitors. Often, it is nothing more than a graphic banner. It can be as small or large, to be paid or free. For example, "Yandeks.Metrika" and liveinternet - the most popular to date, counters that are available for free.

The counter records the number of visitors per month, the year or during the existence of the resource. Its main function - collection and statistics of site visits, how many unique users visited it and in what time frame. This data is transmitted to the server and locked it with a script.

There are three types of counters for statistics gathering site:
- Counter-picture - this is open to all counter that shows the number of visitors to the site. Its advantage - open to anyone interested.
- Counter-code - created in PHP, can be either to other resources, and is integrated into the site code. Visitors come to the site, do not see it.
- Combined meter - combines the first two types. Code of visits is on the resource side, and visitors can see a picture with the results of a visit at the entrance to the site.

How important is the information recorded by counters

The owner of a resource or a person engaged in the optimization of its very interested in these data, because it is considered that otherwise would not find out the history of visiting the site. However, this is not entirely true. You can query the statistics of visits to the site hosting, where it is located.

With the help of the counter you can learn IP-addresses of the computers from which the visited resources. Resource Optimizer can get information about the keywords that visitors have come to this site.

Paid services greatly expand the possibilities. You can learn from some of the region had the most visitors of any age and sex are what used browser, a site put on this resource, and where to go afterwards.

It is said that the hit counter site - this is a very convenient and useful for work. Due to information received webmaster or the optimizer will be able to update the site content to the resource in the future held a high position in the rankings. After all, the site should always be relevant, and its rating - always high.
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