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To the child grew up happy, child psychologists recommend avoiding the two extreme methods of education - authoritarian and permissive parenting style.
Do not dictate to your child every step of denying any freedom and self-expression.
Does not allow a child too much, it generates not only spoiled, but the risk to the child's health, because he has enough experience to assess the extent of their capabilities.
A child can remember not too many prohibitions (ie, as much as his age, plus one, that is, four year old well remember only five Zaret), so instead of prohibitions better use alternative method.
Parents who want to raise a happy and fulfilling child must choose the style of parenting, based on patience and love.
Avoid corporal punishment. To understand that this is not the way to solve the problem, go to, for example, on-site I
Do not order the child, and to negotiate with them. Politely ask to fulfill your request.
Impose restrictions. But they must operate every day. But not so that today we can, and tomorrow you can not. This limitation should be as much a child can remember. On average, this amount is equal to the child's age + 1. For example, if the child is 4 years old, he can remember 5 restrictions.
Every day, tell your child that you love him, at least five times. The same time to hug and kiss.
Find the opportunity every day to devote their time only child. If you almost always takes work, manages to at least to reading bedtime stories. And be sure to compensate for this dialogue at the weekend.
Teach your child to enjoy life, develop in him a sense of humor, often talk about what happiness is, every night recalled that brought a wonderful last day. These skills are more important than reading and math. It will be taught in school. But if a child in the family will learn to enjoy life, then buy this skill will be very difficult.
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