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Erwa woolly, or as it is called in common, half-fell, a unique garden plant family amorantovyh, reaching a height of 140 cm. The plant is native to tropical South Africa and India, is widespread in Saudi Arabia, and South-East Asia . In Russia, in the wild does not occur, but many try to grow it in their backyards, and quite successfully.

The plant has a taproot white and gray, which runs a few side branches. The diameter of the green grass stems can reach 1 cm, while they are highly branched and can be either erect or prostrate. Leaves are elliptical and circular in shape and do not exceed a length of 2 cm and a width of 1.5 cm. Floor-burns quite small and inconspicuous flowers surrounded perianth cream or whitish-green. Spica form inflorescences, and fruits are shaped like boxes and elongated nose.

Features of cultivation floor-burns

Before sowing, you must first prepare the ground. To do this, mixed sand, humus and fertile land in equal shares. In a well-moistened soil, seeds are placed at a depth of fluff approximately equal to 0.5-1 cm. Top seeds sprinkle the ground do not have to, otherwise they can not germinate. Capacity with cover crops with plastic wrap or glass and put in a well lit place. Twice a day you need to moisten the soil, spraying the crops from the sprayer with water at room temperature.

When the ground in the garden is well warmed up, it can be planted ervu woolly in the open ground. The plant will be enough 2-3 months to bloom and give the seed yield. Beds with seedlings are subject to daily watering, especially in hot weather. With the arrival of cold weather plants are cut so that the surface was only 5-tisantimetrovy stump. Dug out roots can be planted in flower pots and take care of them indoors.

The composition of the grass half-fell

The leaves, stems and flowers of the plant are extremely rich in potassium, calcium, alkaloids, phenolic acids, flavonoids, pectins, saturated hydrocarbons, sugars, amino acids, inorganic salts, and others. Collect seeds ervy woolly necessary after frost and stored in tissue bags in a cool dry place for 3 years. Harvest can not just seeds, but also grass, stems and roots.
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