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To create a website, register a domain name. The World Wide Web, there are many services that offer domain registration. To do this, enter the search string request. Carefully read about the company providing these services.
Pick a domain name, the relevant topics of the future site. For example, if the resource will be devoted to children, the site name should be associated with the word "children" and its derivatives. First of all it is necessary for the user's convenience. If you choose the name of their future resource, check it using a special server. Then find hosting, where your site will reside. Resource and provides hosting, and check the domain name and the domain itself.
After purchasing the hosting agency for the address of DNS-servers. These you will need to tie the domain name. Typically, this information comes in a letter with a link to confirm your order. In the message, you will see lines that start with ns1 and ns2. This is the DNS-server.
Go to the web site hosting and enter the personal cabinet. They open the "My Domains" and choose your own.
Go to domain settings, then select the tab called DNS, list the nameserver line in 1 :, site hosting, which begins on the ns »nameserver line in 2: site starting on ns2. Skip the lines below.
Once you prescribe nameservers of your hosting, go to the Control Panel and enter the registration information: username and password. Find the Control Panel tab labeled "domains" or «WWW domains", click it, then click on the "Add a domain" and add the address of your future site.
Download and install the FTP-client and log on your site using the letter sent to you by hosting data access to FTP. Upload your html-code hosting and open your site in a browser. If you did everything correctly, you will see the main page of your site.
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