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Please log on to To do this, start your internet browser and type in the address bar without the quotes «». Before you open the main page of the site.
On the left side of the page get block "Mail". If you already have a mailbox, go to it by typing in the appropriate fields to authorization data. Press "Enter". If you do not have your mail at, create it, going step by step registration process box. To do this, click "Register" and follow the instructions.
Once in your mailbox, you need to go out of it on a social network "My World." To do this, from any page box (inbox, sent items, deleted emails etc), get in the top of the page the link "My World", click on it.
If you do not have your page in the "My World", you will need to create it. If you already have an account, you will immediately get to their page. On his page on the left side you find a small menu. Select "Photo".
Page opens with your photos. Here you can upload any photos to network, group them into albums and edit a variety of settings, and so on, but before doing so, read the Terms of Use.
Choose any photo on which you want to identify a person. Celebrate yourself or friends can be in the "My World"! Under the photo get the "Mark of friends", click it. The photo selection box appears, adjust it as you like, so that it clearly shows the celebrated man, and click on the "Save" button. In case of wrong selection, you can cancel and start over. In the window that opens, select a friend from the list or enter it manually. Again, click "Save". Done!
On this page in category different tips you can read As noted in the photo mail , you free posted 7-01-2016, 09:35 our journalist admin, in any case, don't forget to share a link to useful advice this page from the "different tips" with your friends. We are a relevant and interesting life tips on various topics and they are intended for all categories of citizens, of all ages and varied professions. Now you will know As noted in the photo mail. Learn much, learn to become better and become a smart man with Bolshoi knowledge base!

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