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Day snowdrops

This festival is very beautiful in its symbolism is really spring. In English its title reads as follows - The Day of Snowdrop.

The history of the Day of snowdrops is from 1984, when was established the holiday of spring flowers that bloom in all countries of its growth from January to the end of April. But April 19 has a long history: in the UK on this day the peasants were finishing the collection of snowdrops and enjoyed the long daylight attack.

For British snowdrop - flower, to which the inhabitants of the country nourish very reverent attitude. According to one version, it is connected with the ancient belief according to which the snowdrops grown around or near the house, or of a building, will be able to protect him and the inhabitants from evil spirits and ill-wishers.
For residents of the UK snowdrops on the value of similar status tulips in the Netherlands.

In recent years, unfortunately, snowdrops Day has become not only a celebration of joy, but of sorrow, as snowdrops bloom less and less. Blame - people who collect them savagely. Therefore, some of the countries for which this flower has always been a traditional and familiar, does not boast a large number of blooms. Environmentalists are calling for people to admired snowdrops in the natural conditions of their growth, and did not collect the flowers, the life of which - only a few days.
In addition, collectors snowdrops often cut flowers, and just pull them, thus damaging the bulb.

Day of the scrap processing industry and other holidays

This day is one of the most important on the list of important Russian professional holiday. It was timed to the 19th April because it was on this date in 1922 issued a decree on the establishment of the association "Metallotorg" includes five important industry of the USSR Ministry - NKVT, the Supreme Economic Council, the Revolutionary Military Council, and People's Commissariat of CGN.

Hung Kings Day is celebrated in Vietnam since 2007, beginning April 19 and continuing for a week. Celebrated Vietnamese rulers are the subject of cultural heritage, giving the country the state structure in the Bronze Age.

Playa Giron - settlements located in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. On April 19, it landed American paratroopers who were sent there to overthrow the government Fedele Castro. However, they were defeated, after which Cuba has finally chosen the socialist path of development.
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