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You will need
  • - Specialist-analyst
  • - Time and attendance software
Review your relationship with suppliers. Ask yourself the question, Is it possible to find the same products as they offer you, for less money? Rate the commodities market, in which you need carefully keep track of all suppliers that offer products at a lower cost, or take on the costs of logistics and delivery and make a selection in the direction of the optimal alternative.
Analyze the cost of advertising, and the returns it brings. Consider the consumer from all points of view, and select the part of the advertising that reaches it or is ineffective. You may have to change all their advertising policy - do it immediately, because the cost of inefficient advertising - it's actually money wasted.
Ask each employee to make a list of their duties and a list of assignments within the last year. Reconsider the load, possibly even downsizing, because some employees may be overloaded, while others are not loaded at all. Enter timesheets to track and monitor the diligence of its employees and to redistribute the load time.
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