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First of all, it is important to note that between cow's milk and stuff that people buy in the supermarket every day, there may be a serious difference. As with soluble powder, as with "condensed milk." The negative effects of their use can not be predicted - it's impossible to know for sure how well manufactured goods. However, if we talk about the true, guaranteed fresh products, it is more useful. It contains a huge amount of calcium, which is important to the growing body. In addition, you can find a part of the amino acid, a beneficial effect on the psyche. Do not forget also about the vitamins that help the body in many processes - from digesting food to the assimilation of minerals. Interestingly, the milk at the same time promotes and prevents overweight. It contains fats and harmful because: load on the liver and increases cholesterol. On the other hand, vitamin B1 conversely, has a positive effect on the processing of nutrients by the body. The solution is simple: if you use milk with low fat content, the beneficial effects will be much greater. But do not forget about the individual characteristics of the organism. Thus, people with a lack of lactose in any case should not consume dairy products: part of the product can not be absorbed, causing indigestion. The situation may be even more critical, because so useful for children with age drink can cause allergies start - but only in certain cases. And on dairy products (cheese, cheese) allergies will not be distributed. Also, you should be afraid of a number of diseases that can cause milk in its purest form. This kidney stones, atherosclerosis and calcification. Therefore, if the doctors say about your addiction to the above - milk is better excluded from the diet.
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