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To release from the program, they need to be aware of. At the initial stage, the identification of fear. From being an adult conversation, the child can also draw their feelings, express them in paint. First, the expert realizes that gnaws at the client, and then communicates it to turn to. It is necessary to see that this emotion interferes with life, the circumstances in which it manifests itself, and that the negative carry. Only by understanding that it is an extra program, it is not necessary, it can stimulate the further process.
All fears are the cause. With immersion in trance states or through a conversation you can learn how to form this belief. Typically, the first fear of going deep in my childhood, and only then appears again and again. It is necessary to change the initial reaction of another look at what happened. There is formation of a new attitude that does not experience negative and neutral. Sometimes this method is called the completion of the situation.
Some human experiences formed not in this life, and transmitted from the past generations. Fear may arise in the family, and then transmitted to a particular individual. During the period of maturation takes up the reactions of parents and their kids go principles. This kind of fear can also be diagnosed through the understanding and to reduce its impact. An example is the fear of money, most often it manifests itself in those whose relatives were dispossessed. When a large amount, the person just trying to spend it. Finances cause discomfort, anxiety, and it is not possible to achieve great results.
Accommodation emotion - this is a good way to get rid of bad experiences. Thus it is necessary to immerse it in a condition that causes the unpleasant condition. For example, to get rid of the fear of public speaking, you need to present or even survive the bad experience of the event. It is important to understand that this situation is not life-threatening, that concern is meaningless. After this procedure once, there will be no similar fears, but everything must be done under the supervision of, because it's pretty stressful method that evokes strong emotions with which it is important to handle.
Fears can be neutralized breathing techniques. Today psychologists use holotropic breathing when a person through certain state completely free from negative thoughts and fears. These sessions are always carried out in groups after several procedures, many feelings that were previously uncomfortable, simply cease to be felt.
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