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The word "Serenade" is derived from the Italian serenata, which means "night." Typically, the word denoted a musical composition, performed in someone's honor. By all rights Serenade must perform to the accompaniment of a guitar (or small orchestra) under the window of his girlfriend.

Where to start preparations for the execution of serenade?

Multi-storey house in fact put an end to the idea of the serenade, because, tearing voice singing something lover, looks at you from the sixteenth floor, quite uncomfortable. Luckily, mobile phones help to cope with part of the inconvenience.

If you do not know how to play the guitar or other musical instruments, use the help of a skilled friend, or get on the internet so-called "negative" song you want to play. Be sure to rehearse your song a few times at home, learn good words, if you can, write and listen to the resulting variants, it will allow you to see whether you need to fix something in the performance. Note that despite the romance of the Act, few women are able to evaluate a really fake singing.

Time and place

Choose the right evening (warm, quiet, desirable spring), sing a serenade best at dusk, so your girl can see you, you will not dissatisfy tenants, as will serenade at the time permitted by law. Note that each guitar looks much more romantic laptop or tablet with a "minus", well, the guitar in your hands immediately make you a hero-lover, but only if you know how to play it.

To perform a serenade in a modern way, you need a mobile phone with a decent balance, headset, hands-free, your lover on the balcony or next to a window from which you can observe it during the performance of the serenade.

Make sure that you want is a girl at home (using leading questions in smskah or telephone conversation), go to her house, taking a friend with a guitar or a device that will play music. Take a position where it is you will be able to see exactly call his lover and ask to look out the window. Turn on music (give the go-ahead to a friend), and begins to sing. Do not try to make some heroic poses learned in the process of singing, be yourself.
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