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At the stage of repair acquire many interior doors in advance. In order to keep the door installation, is necessary to set it horizontally, without violating the integrity of the package. Avoid storing the door in a damp room or on the street.

In the operation of the door, do not forget to periodically, at least once a week, clean the door surface from contamination. This can be done, moisten a soft cloth with a little soapy water with the addition of alcohol. This solution will help clear the door of dust and grease. You can also use special means to care for furniture. It is strictly forbidden door handle household chemical cleaners, as these may damage the door surface.

Care needs and door fittings, also should be cleaned from dust, grease the locks, hinges and swivel mechanisms.
If you are venturing into the apartment repairs, then you need to close all interior doors with polyethylene. Make sure that, during repair them prevent dust, paint and other construction materials.
Once a year, the door should be monitored closely and pursue restoration of minor defects. For example, you can hide the scratches special lacquer furniture, decorative putty or wax crayons. It is also possible to produce doors of special polishing furniture polish.

If you take care of your doors, they last a long time, you do not have to change them often, which is expensive. Care as seen, it is very simple and does not require a significant investment of time and effort.
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