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You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop software
Open the image file in the program Photoshop, using the menu File, Open.

To preserve the ability to always go back to the original image, create a copy of the layer. To do this, select the menu Layer, Duplicate Layer. Make sure that the newly created layer is active. All subsequent conversion it is advisable to perform on it.
Adjust the contrast and the overall color of your image automatically using the command Image, Adjustments, Auto Contrast. Adjusting the contrast maps the darkest and lightest pixels in the image in black and white colors. This transformation can improve the overall appearance of many photographs.
Some original images contain shades of color, ie, Unbalanced color. To fix this, use the Image, Adjustments, Auto Color. This command adjusts the contrast and color of your shot by looking for dark and light colors in the image and neutralize the midtones.
If the result of the application of the automatic correction of teams did not live up to your expectations, you can change some settings manually. Team Brightness / Contrast is the easiest way to tone correction of the entire image.

In the dialog box Brightness / Contrast displacement engines, change the brightness and contrast in the range from -100 to +100.
To make color correction of your image and enhance the color a certain range, for example, red, use the Color Balance. The dialog box for this command allows you to change the color balance of the entire image. The color balance is set separately for the colors (switch Highlights), midtones (switch Midtones) and shadow (switch Shadows). When the check box is useful to set the Preserve Luminosity, which prevents the change in brightness range When adjusting the color balance.
Save the image under a new name by selecting the File menu "Save as".
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