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It is known that increasing the amount of disintegrating test products through the provision of special gas. Normally it comes to carbon dioxide. Disintegrants are added to flour or dough. Chemical leavening agents are very different from ordinary yeast. The former can work in a test with a high content of sugar, raisins or nuts. It does not need to maintain special temperature.

Usually distinguish individual leavening agents and special baking powder. By individual disintegrants include chemical compounds which during heating to form carbon dioxide. Often Disintegrants may be applied ammonium phosphate. Regarding baking powder, they usually consist of three components, one of which is a carrier of carbon dioxide. Gas is released from the baking powder exposed to extreme heat and moisture.

Other types of disintegrants include baker's yeast. This fungus, which can release carbon dioxide into the dough during fermentation. Yeast are different from other disintegrators and the fact that they tanned substances affecting the taste of the products. Chemical leavening agents are especially in demand during baking unleavened bread, cakes and other confectionery products.

Baking soda is a separate baking powder. At a temperature of sixty degrees, it breaks down into water, carbon dioxide and sodium carbonate. Incidentally, soda actively releases carbon dioxide by reaction with acids. Typically, the dough has a very low acidity, which is caused by dairy products. So for specific amplification effect debonding flour is often mixed with citric acid or tartaric acid is added to the liquid.

Unlike baking soda, ammonium carbonate completely decomposes into components containing gas. It does not form any mineral salts and baking taste changes. So it is recommended to use non-strict dosage. True from ammonium carbonate and has the disadvantage of instability during prolonged storage. This leavening agent is a member of a variety of baking powder. Additionally, disintegrants may be prepared independently.

Particularly active leavening agents used in the manufacture of bakery and pastry, cakes, muffins and other homemade pastries.
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