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Never forget to remove makeup at night with eyes. At night, have a rest, not only you, but also lashes. Mascara lashes need to be removed from the special agent soften and nourish the cilia. It is also important to carefully refers to the eye mucosa and delicate skin eyelids.
Take off with mascara eyelashes gradually. A cotton swab dipped in makeup remover eye, first applied to the upper eyelid for 30 seconds. Then, when the ink is softened, it is removed with a cotton swab second easily, without excessive friction and effort.
To improve the growth of eyelashes is useful to regularly apply them burdock. To do this, it is more convenient to use a clean brush from the carcass. The empty tube of mascara thoroughly washed, it is filled with burdock. Every night after cleansing eyelashes grease a small amount of oil, it will prevent them from falling and accelerate growth. If your eyelashes break, they help oil.
Now stores are sold colorless mascara containing vitamins and glycerol. This tool can be applied to enhance eyelashes at night, and you can - in the morning for the usual ink, then the whole day your eyelashes are protected and moisturized.
When choosing eye makeup carefully study the composition. The carcass for eyelashes should be present vitamins, keratin and lanolin. Do not forget every three months to change the ink.
Do not be lazy to do from time to time for the mask of cilia. For example, in the form of tampons soaked in broth various herbs, black tea or milk. It can be put on eyelids slices of fruit or vegetables.
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