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The effectiveness of delegation of authority based on the fact that people tend to better solve the problems, they are constantly engaged. Delegating authority, you do not give instructions, and ask to take over part of the duties. How is it better to do? First of all - the right to choose the person to whom you will give some powers. It must be a qualified, well-versed in what you want him to charge. It is desirable, so that it is at the lowest organization level - i.e. directly involved in such work, but as a subordinate.
To start you need to prepare the employee. Give him a clear idea of the result of the activities for which it empower. Bring the duration of work accountability for it, as well as the framework within which it can take the initiative. Perhaps he would have to account for every stage of the work, and maybe you give him complete freedom of action.
Provide the employee all the necessary information and allow a number of issues to solve on their own. But do not confer excessive delegated powers and rights. This can lead to abuse. Do not control slave too closely. Pay more attention not to the progress and the results.
Never delegate only pleasant or unpleasant tasks. Charging is something you need to not just when you are overworked and constantly. And do not be afraid to give a subordinate difficult task - they stimulate professional growth, responsibility and help your staff to prepare successors for certain positions. The duties that can not be fully delegated include hiring and firing, making decisions on wages, safety.
If in the course of the assignment the employee has stalled and tried to regain delegated authorities, it is necessary to suppress. Explain to him that his decisions in life is to embody himself. Always let the employees understand what prospects carries out an assignment. Knowing that he will be rewarded - financial reward, promotion or recognition of the employee will show more initiative and effort at work.
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