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Parents often make the mistake of coming to school and starting to make claims all at once on that occasion, that their child being bullied, and no one is protecting. You should not escalate the situation. It's better to remember his childhood and attitudes among children of those whose parents on every occasion "understand" instead of the child. Such children are at all times remain on the sidelines of the team.

But do not protect the child normal parents can not. So the first thing to do - sit down and relax. Discuss the situation with the child, the main thing - quietly, without blaming either him or his comrades. After all, an adult should be remembered that the conflict is always there to blame both sides, although it may be in varying degrees.

Analyze the situation: whether the child on their own to solve it. It is possible that the child is to change the style of behavior. There are children impulsive, flashing each spoken word correctly, even if it is said, and not against them. Such a child needs to learn to control their emotions, or at an older age it could turn into even greater problems.

If a child, on the contrary, can not fight back offender, too bound and clamped, then the parents will have thin and hard work to improve his self-esteem. Perhaps in this case is to consult with the school psychologist or the class teacher. One child protection going. Without self-esteem and the ability to defend their own views of the child can not do either at school or in the future adult life.

Actually, the class teacher in any case it is necessary to notify about the conflict. Talk to the teacher should calmly explain his vision problems. And it is not surprising that he might be a slightly different version of events. If adults are aware of the conflict only with the words of your child, it is quite possible that they do not know the whole truth. Everyone, regardless of age, is inclined to excuse ourselves and blame others.

Whatever the scenario of the conflict, namely the child's parents must submit an example of an adequate, calm and reasonable behavior. It is possible that parents are not parties to the conflict would have to meet again at the negotiating table. And all will be much better if the parents are calm and firm in their decisions.
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