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You will need
  • The package of documents required for credit
Determine the size of the required amount and term of the loan repayment. The size of the loan depends on many things, including the interest rate, the complexity of the process and a package of documents required. If the amount is small, for example, lacks the order of 5-6 thousand rubles, it is more profitable to turn to organizations specializing in the issuance of short-term loans. Of course, the interest rate they offer is high enough. But if you need the money until the next paycheck, the overpayment will be invisible.
Determine the most favorable credit program. It does not necessarily have to be the lowest interest rate. Perhaps the best option for you would be a small package of required documents, the lack of a moratorium or convenient repayment terms of the loan.
Contact your bank to apply. The application must specify all the basic parameters of the proposed loan, namely the loan amount and maturity, as well as information about yourself - name, salary, and contact telephone number.
Find out the bank's decision regarding your loan. Period issuance of a credit institution of the solution depends on the selected program. Thus, it may vary from a few minutes to one month.
Provide a complete package of documents to the bank. Binding instrument would be a passport and driver's license (or other document confirming the identity of the borrower) and other documents are available upon request of the bank. As a rule, with the additional provision of information on incomes banks are willing to lower the interest rate or mitigate credit conditions.
Apply for a contract with a credit institution. The contract must be read thoroughly and carefully, only then can you protect yourself from unforeseen problems. After signing the documents you will be able to pick up the money, the bank can give them cash or transferred to your card.
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