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You will need
  • 1) Denver
Download the Denver and hit him twice. Installation starts Denver. Push press Enter. Follow the instructions that appear. Choose a directory to store the files and Denver, respectively, of your site. Usually offered folder C: \ WebServers. You can, of course, install, and on the other partition. But to create another folder and install it is not recommended.
Choose a drive letter to create a virtual partition server.
You will then begin copying the program files. He went on a little bit, and then you will be offered two options. Delve into the details of the essence of this option is not necessary, as there is more a matter of experience with Denver, and not a theory solutions. By default, you will be offered the first option. So choose it. You can experiment with the choice of the second option, and decide for yourself what suits you more.
After that installation is complete. Select "Install shortcut on the desktop" and click on the icon «Run». The execution of the programs and the server. Open a browser and type http: // localhost / denwer /. You should see the page "Hurrah, earned." You can now get to work.
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