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You will need
  • program MultiSet.
Before you create a package, make sure that the software for which the package is created, not on the computer. This is necessary in order to avoid possible errors. If this software is installed on your computer, uninstall it through Control Panel or the built-in software internally.
After you make sure that the required software is not available on your computer, copy the distribution to a directory on your hard drive. Start MultiSet software and click on the "new package". Then the program will offer to call the package, provide the path to the file zapusknoe installation and select a category for the package.
Having proposed program changes, run the program for execution. A warning about disabling anti-virus protection and firewall. Turn them off, as they are checking all files and unnecessary entries in the script to us to anything. If you create a package there was a failure in the script, then update the plan on the "Script", located in the "Package Properties".
Recording package was successful, and you may see a packet in a particular category, or by clicking on the icon "All Packages". All recorded files with the extension * .mst, you can check. To do this, use any virtual machine, for example, Oracle VM VirtualBox. When tested, it will likely have to adjust the path to the executable files.
Next, the program will prompt you to create a boot disk. Create it with programs or with Windows, and can even direct and to the programs and with Windows. The resulting ISO-image record on CD- or DVD-ROM, and is used for subsequent automatic installation. It should be mentioned that you do not have to enter the product code, the name, organization and regional settings, as you do when you create a boot disk.
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