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Before you attach a theme to a web site, register a domain, because without it you can not create a page navigation created resource.
After that, look for the appropriate template. The World Wide Web is possible to find a large number of free templates, pick up and load the one you like. Free themes for a site can choose from the following address this
To create your site, download a program called Adobe Dreamweaver. She is one of the most convenient designers resources. Download it from the official site of the developer at After you install the application, open it in the template file. A page of the future website, check it in two ways - in design mode and in playback mode.
Edit the page you need to, using features of the program Adobe Dreamweaver. Select the font type and size, insert the desired image and text. Put a picture, you can only set the path to it. Change the color of individual elements and page background. Remove or add what you need. With Adobe Dreamweaver, you can modify the theme of the site, as you need. When you are finished working on the page, give it a name that she will wear on the resource.
If your site will have a lot of pages, set a program called Denwer. Then you can view on your computer generated pages web site as easy and convenient as if they were already on the server, which is hosted.
Pick hosting and domain bind to it. Log into the control panel of your site, find the folder called public_html and from your computer, download it resource page. Check if all you've done right. To do this in the browser address bar, type the name of the site and press Enter. If you did everything right, you will see the main page of your site.
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