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Elite FBI investigators are the best experts on behavioral analysis, always come to the aid of the police, if she can not reveal the complicated case. They do not use the standard methods of searching crime scenes, and try to think like a killer to clear his thoughts and motives. As a result, investigators manage to investigate the crime from the inside, without focusing on the evidence that sometimes there are false or lead to impotence.
The employees of this department are the elite agents Jason Gideon and Aaron Hotchner, who are attracted to the cause of the loss of four young girls in a relatively short period of time. Police suspect that in Seattle there was a serial maniac, whose psychological portrait, and should make detective Gideon and his team-mates. Having left the crime scene, the team of Gideon begins to interview witnesses, analyze and study the psychological aspects of life potential maniacs who need to catch as soon as possible.
The series "Criminal Minds" received by critics the most positive reviews of intelligence and a fascinating story, while the audience appreciated enable them to participate in solving the puzzles worked perfectly. Like the series itself, and the police, saying that their work is shown in the "Criminal Minds" with maximum plausibility and accuracy.
Also in the series it has been involved real intelligence, which gave its recommendations to the actors and the writers so that they can get close to the real work of the FBI investigators. As for the emotional component "Criminal Minds", it is more rigid compared to the same soap operas - in the series demonstrates a very terrible crime of religious fanatics, serial killers and pedophiles high, and torture and killings. Each episode of the series keeps the audience in nervous tension, because guess who this time will be a criminal, it is difficult - and sometimes even impossible.
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