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The boiler is a vessel with a heating element. This unit is designed to produce hot water and running in most cases from the mains or gas. But there are some units that are used for full operation of alternative energy sources: solar, wind, thermal waters.
What is the advantage of the boiler for private homes?
The hot water in the town buildings are not connected to the central heating system and water supply can be obtained by setting the instantaneous water heater, single-circuit or two-circuit boiler, the boiler. Recent come with one or two heat exchangers. The advantage of these devices is that they are able to provide a significantly greater amount of hot water that can be used per unit time. These water heaters are storage tanks in which the owner maintains the set temperature of the liquid.
Where to install the boiler?
These devices are used in industrial and domestic purposes. Boilers for production are characterized by high power and greater capacity. Such installations are required, where necessary to ensure supply of hot water in the plant construction and in any industry where a continuous fluid flow is needed a certain temperature. Industrial boilers are most often gas, solid, liquid-fuel or combined. The use of electricity for such powerful units is irrational because it dorgovizny.
Household water heaters installed in the homes and buildings where there is no connectivity to the central water supply. These may be villas, vacation homes, construction sites located on them accommodation for the workers, roadside cafes, hotels. The boiler is placed in a specially designed room for the installation of equipment and water heating systems. If the capacity of the heater is small, in order to avoid heat loss and to save fuel (electricity), the device is mounted directly to the point of distribution of water: in kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms, laundries.
Manufacturers have made sure that these water heaters occupy as little space in the room. Therefore, they are often flat and have an elongated shape: rectangular or cylindrical. The family of 3-4 people living in the country or in a country house, in order to cover the required demand for hot water, enough capacity volume of 50-80 liters. The installation site is chosen based on the most efficient possible use of the coolant.
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